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Cisco (010-151-DCTECH) Exam Questions And Answers page 12

With which data center type can a company lease the equipment and infrastructure?
Data Center Management and Operations Data Center Fundamentals
Refer to the exhibit.

Which three options are features of the Cisco UCS 6248UP Fabric Interconnect front panel? (Choose three.)
Data Center Compute Resources Cisco Data Center Devices
Up to what speed can Category 5 UTP cable transmit data?
Data Center Fundamentals Data Center Networking
Which important feature on the front end is provided to the clients by multiple servers that access the same storage devices across the SAN?
Data Center Compute Connectivity Data Center Storage
When replacing a standalone C-Series server which order will be used to shut down the server via CIMC?
Data Center Compute Connectivity Cisco Data Center Devices
How many wires does each PCIe lane have?
Data Center Compute Connectivity Data Center Networking
A company wants to build a data center infrastructure which can provide up to 99.982% uptime availability per year. Which ANSI/TIA-942 data center tier meets the requirement?
Data Center Management and Operations Data Center Fundamentals
Which two firmware components does the Host Upgrade Utility upgrade? (Choose two.)
Data Center Compute Resources Data Center Automation and Orchestration
Which type of optics module is supported by a Cisco Nexus 7700 F4-Series 30-Port 100-Gigabit Ethernet Module?
Cisco Data Center Devices Data Center Networking
Refer to the exhibit.

This image shows a CPU Pick-and-Place tool and a CPU Socket Protective Cap Removal tool.

Which types of Cisco UCS servers and Intel Xeon processors do these tools support?
Data Center System Devices Data Center Compute Resources