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Cisco (300-415-ENSDWI) Exam Questions And Answers page 6

Refer to the exhibit. An MPLS connection on R2 must extend to R1. Users behind R1 must have dual connectivity for data traffic. Which configuration provides R1 control connectivity over the MPLS connection?
SD-WAN Architecture and Design SD-WAN Deployment and Migration
What is a benefit of the application-aware firewall?
SD-WAN Policies and QoS SD-WAN Security and Authentication
A large retail organization decided to move some of the branch applications to the AWS cloud. How does the network architect extend the in-house Cisco SD-WAN branch to cloud network into AWS?
SD-WAN Architecture and Design

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration routes Site 2 through the firewall in Site 1?
SD-WAN Architecture and Design SD-WAN Security and Authentication

Refer to the exhibit. The tunnel interface configuration on both WAN Edge routers is:

Which configuration for WAN Edge routers will connect to the Internet?
SD-WAN Architecture and Design

Refer to the exhibit. Which QoS treatment results from this configuration after the access list acl-guest is applied inbound on the vpn1 interface?
SD-WAN Policies and QoS
An engineer is configuring a shaping rate of 1 Mbps on the WAN link of a WAN Edge router. Which configuration accomplishes this task?
SD-WAN Deployment and Migration SD-WAN Policies and QoS
When the VPN membership policy is being controlled at the vSmart controller, which policy disallows VPN 1 at sites 20 and 30?