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Cisco - 300-425-ENWLSD Certification Exam Details, Questions and Answers

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300-425-ENWLSD: Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks

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18 February 2024
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WLAN Deployment Wireless Design Principles Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design Wireless Security Design WLAN Location Services WLAN High-Density Design

Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks: 300-425 ENWLSD

Exam Overview

The Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-425 ENWLSD) exam is a crucial component of the CCNP Enterprise certification and a core requirement for the Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Wireless Design certification. It validates a candidate's knowledge of wireless network design, including site surveys, wired and wireless infrastructure, mobility, and WLAN high availability.

Importance of the Exam

Networking professionals seek the Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks certification to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to design Cisco wireless networks. It is a globally recognized certification, sought after by many IT professionals aiming to further their careers in the networking field. The certification also allows individuals to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in networking technologies.

Technical Details of the Exam

The 300-425 ENWLSD exam consists of various question types, including single choice, multiple choice, drag and drop, and simulations. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes, and it is available in English and Japanese languages. The exam is typically updated every few years to ensure it is aligned with the current trends and technologies in wireless network design.

Measured Skills

  • Designing a wireless network
  • Performing a site survey for RF
  • Designing a wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Designing mobility
  • Designing WLAN high availability

Preparation Advice

Preparation for the Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks exam involves a combination of theoretical study and practical experience. Cisco provides several resources including study materials, books, and practice exams to help candidates prepare. It is also recommended to get hands-on experience with the technologies covered in the exam.

Exam Topics

  • WLAN Deployment (20% - 30%)

    • WLAN deployment models
    • WLAN deployment design considerations
    • WLAN deployment process
    • WLAN site survey methodologies
    • WLAN deployment using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    • WLAN high availability and redundancy
    • WLAN roaming and inter-controller communication
  • Wireless Design Principles (10% - 20%)

    • Wireless deployment models
    • Wireless design considerations
    • Wireless design process
    • Wireless site survey methodologies
  • Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design (15% - 25%)

    • Cisco DNA Center
    • Wireless network hierarchy and deployment options
    • Wireless architecture components
    • Wireless network design using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    • Mobility architecture concepts
    • High availability and redundancy in wireless design
  • Wireless Security Design (10% - 20%)

    • Wireless security design considerations
    • Wireless security deployment models
    • Wireless security deployment process
    • Wireless security using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    • Wireless security using Cisco DNA Center
  • WLAN Location Services (10% - 20%)

    • Location services design considerations
    • Location services deployment models
    • Location services deployment process
    • Location services using Cisco DNA Center
    • Location services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • WLAN High-Density Design (15% - 25%)

    • High-density design considerations
    • High-density deployment models
    • High-density deployment process
    • High-density deployment using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    • High-density deployment using Cisco DNA Center