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Cisco (300-425-ENWLSD) Exam Questions And Answers page 5

An engineer is designing a new wireless network. The network needs to fulfill the following requirements:
• support multimedia applications
• support a high concentration of wireless clients
• support data over wireless
• support roaming

Which approach should be used?
Wireless Design Principles WLAN Deployment
A network engineer is working on a predictive WLAN design. The new wireless network must support access to Internet, email, voice, and the inventory database. To successfully support these services, which configuration must the engineer use for the signal strength levels and SNR on the planning tool?
Wireless Design Principles WLAN Location Services
As part of a wireless site survey in a hospital, an engineer needs to identify potential Layer 1 interferers. In which two areas is the engineer most likely to find sources of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF noise? (Choose two.)
WLAN Deployment Wireless Security Design
A wireless engineer is using Ekahau Site Survey to validate that an existing wireless network is operating as expected. Which type of survey should be used to identify the end-to-end network performance?
Wireless Design Principles WLAN Deployment
A network engineer is configuring high availability on an access point. What is the maximum number of controllers available to be configured?
WLAN Deployment WLAN High-Density Design
An engineer changed the TPC Power Threshold for a wireless deployment from the default value to -65 dBm. The engineer conducts a new post deployment survey to validate the results. What is the expected outcome?
Wireless Design Principles WLAN Deployment
What is the 9800 Series Wireless Controller mobility tunnel on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 controller?
Wireless Design Principles Wireless Security Design
An engineer has deployed a group of APs in an auditorium and notices that the APs are showing high co-channel interference. Which profile is used to adjust the parameters for these high-density APs?
WLAN Deployment WLAN High-Density Design

Refer to the exhibit. An enterprise is using wireless as the main network connectivity for clients. To ensure service continuity, a pair of controllers will be installed in a datacenter. An engineer is designing SSO on the pair of controllers. What needs to be included in the design to avoid having the secondary controller go into maintenance mode?
Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design Wireless Security Design
A company wants to replace its existing PBX system with a new VoIP System that will include wireless IP phones. The CIO has concerns about whether the company s existing wireless network can support the new system. Which tool in Cisco Prime can help ensure that the current network will support the new phone system?
Wireless Design Principles WLAN Deployment