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Cisco (300-425-ENWLSD) Exam Questions And Answers page 9

Why is 802.11a connectivity reduced in an X-ray room?
Wireless Design Principles Wireless Security Design
An engineer must perform an assessment of a customer LAN for a future IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless deployment. All access switches are Fast Ethernet-capable only, and the wired infrastructure between existing APs and access switches is based on the CAT 6A standard. Which two actions provide maximum support of Cisco 3800 Series access points? (Choose two.)
Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design WLAN Deployment
A network engineer is preparing for an office site survey with a height of 2.5 meters. Which three components are recommended to complete the survey? (Choose three.)
Wireless Design Principles WLAN Deployment
A customer is running a guest WLAN with a foreign/export-anchor setup. There is one anchor WLC in the US and two in Europe. Anchor WLC priorities are used to prefer local anchors. During a routine network audit, it is discovered that a large number of guest client sessions in the US are anchored to the WLCs in Europe. Which reason explains this behavior?
WLAN Deployment Wireless Security Design
A network engineer is working on a design for a wireless network that must support data, voice, and location services. To support these services, which access point placement must the engineer use?
WLAN Deployment WLAN Location Services
An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a medical treatment environment, which requires data and voice services. What is the minimum requirement for the design?
Wireless Design Principles Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design

Refer to the exhibit. A client roams between two APs that are registered to two different controllers, where each controller has an interface in the client subnet. Both controllers are running AireOS. Which scenario explains the client roaming behavior?
Wireless Design Principles Wireless Security Design
An enterprise is using the wireless network as the main network connection for corporate users and guests. To ensure wireless network availability, two standalone controllers are installed in the head office. APs are connected to the controllers using a round-robin approach to load balance the traffic. After a power cut, the wireless clients disconnect while roaming. An engineer tried eping from the controller but fails. Which protocol needs to be allowed between the networks that the controllers are installed?
Wireless Design Principles Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design
During a wireless network design, a customer requires wireless coverage on the perimeter of a building but also wants to minimize signal leakage from the wireless network. Which antenna should be used to accomplish this design?
Wireless Design Principles Wireless Security Design
A customer is looking for a network design with Cisco Hyperlocation using AP4800 for location tracking via a custom mobile app. Issues appeared in the past with refresh rates for location updates. What needs to be implemented to meet these requirements?
Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network Design WLAN Location Services