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Cisco (300-510-SPRI) Exam Questions And Answers page 7

What are the two characteristics of route reflectors? (Choose two.)
Routing Protocols High Availability and Fast Convergence

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer applied the summarization configuration on R1 for four networks ( to in area 1 and eight networks ( to in area 2 to stop the flooding of all the customer routes. While checking the routing table of R2, the engineer noticed that R1 is still sending only specific routes to R2. Which configuration should the engineer apply on R1 to summarize routes?
Routing Protocols QoS and Traffic Engineering
Refer to the exhibit

Router R1 is configured to advertise outgoing SA messages to routers R2 and R3, but to receive incoming SA messages only from R2. Which additional configuration must an engineer apply to router R1 so it filters all MSDP SA messages from Domain-C?
Routing Protocols Infrastructure Security and Services
Which difference should be considered when intradomain or interdomain multicast routing is implemented?
Routing Protocols QoS and Traffic Engineering
For which reason can two devices fail to establish an OSPF neighbor relationship?
Routing Protocols
Refer to the exhibit.

R3 is:
• failing to accept multicast RP information from Domain-A
• advertising MSDP SA messages to R1 and R4
• receiving SA messages only from R4

Which command must the engineer implement to resolve the issue?
Routing Protocols QoS and Traffic Engineering

Refer to the exhibit. Routers R1 and R2 cannot form a neighbor relationship, but the network is otherwise configured correctly and operating normally. Which two statements describe the problem? (Choose two.)
Routing Protocols
Which task is performed when troubleshooting LDP?
MPLS and VPN Technologies High Availability and Fast Convergence
An engineer is troubleshooting a connectivity issue across the MPLS network and is verifying the forwarding behavior of packets. Which table does the engineer look at to verify the forwarding behavior of an IP packet as it enters the MPLS network at the ingress LSR?
Routing Protocols MPLS and VPN Technologies
Refer to the exhibit.

After configuring IS-IS on routers R1 and R2, an engineer notices that only the loopback interface at 2000:1::1 /96 is known to router R2. Which change must be made so that only Loopback2 is advertised from R1 to R2?
Routing Protocols