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Cisco (300-620-DCACI) Exam Questions And Answers page 3

What is the minimum number of APICs does Cisco recommend to deploy in a production cluster?
ACI Tenant Policies ACI Fabric Automation
Where is the COOP database located?
Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Overview ACI Fabric Connectivity Policies
The company s Cisco ACI fabric hosts multiple customer tenants. To meet a service level agreement, the company is constantly monitoring the Cisco ACI environment. Syslog is one of the methods used for monitoring. Only events related to leaf and spine environmental information without specific customer data should be logged. To which ACI object must the configuration be applied to meet these requirements?
Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Overview ACI Tenant Policies
An engineer is implementing a Cisco ACI data center network that includes Cisco Nexus 2000 Series 10G fabric extenders. Which physical topology is supported?