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Cisco - 300-835-CLAUTO Certification Exam Details, Questions and Answers

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300-835-CLAUTO: Automating Cisco Collaboration Solutions

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19 February 2024
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Automation and Programmability Cisco Collaboration Solutions Integration and Interoperability Automating Collaboration Solutions Troubleshooting and Debugging

Automating Cisco Collaboration Solutions (300-835 CLAUTO)

Exam Details

The Automating Cisco Collaboration Solutions (300-835 CLAUTO) certification exam is an integral part of the Cisco certification process. It is designed to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and skills in the area of automation solutions for Cisco's collaboration environments.

The Importance of the Exam

This certification exam is important for professionals who want to validate their expertise and skills in automating Cisco's collaboration solutions. The exam is also a benchmark for employers seeking to identify qualified professionals in this field.

Technical Details

The exam covers a variety of technical areas related to automating Cisco's collaboration solutions. These include programming concepts, RESTful APIs, and other automation tools and technologies. The exam is designed to thoroughly test a candidate's understanding and practical application of these technologies.

Measured Skills

The exam measures a candidate's skills in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding of programming and software development concepts
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs
  • Ability to use Cisco's collaboration automation tools and technologies
  • Practical application of automation solutions in a Cisco collaboration environment

Preparation Advices

Candidates preparing for the exam should have a solid understanding of Cisco's collaboration solutions and the associated automation tools and technologies. Additionally, it is advisable to have hands-on experience in a relevant role. Cisco offers a number of resources to help candidates prepare, including study materials and practice exams.

Exam Topics

  • Automation and Programmability (10% - 20%)

    • Python programming
    • APIs and SDKs
    • Network automation tools
    • Automation frameworks
  • Cisco Collaboration Solutions (15% - 25%)

    • Collaboration architecture
    • Collaboration endpoints
    • Collaboration applications
    • Collaboration protocols and APIs
  • Integration and Interoperability (10% - 20%)

    • Integration with third-party systems
    • Interoperability with different collaboration solutions
    • Integration with cloud services
    • Integration with collaboration APIs
  • Automating Collaboration Solutions (25% - 35%)

    • Automating collaboration workflows
    • Automating collaboration applications
    • Automating collaboration infrastructure
    • Automating collaboration security
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging (10% - 20%)

    • Troubleshooting collaboration issues
    • Debugging automation scripts
    • Analyzing collaboration logs
    • Monitoring collaboration systems