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Cisco (300-835-CLAUTO) Exam Questions And Answers page 8

Which type of endpoint is used by the Cisco Unified JTAPI implementation in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
Cisco Collaboration Solutions Automating Collaboration Solutions
An administrator is creating a script using the Python xAPI over WebSockets (pyxows) library. The goal of the script is to capture an event generated by a UI Extensions action button (former In-Room Control Panel). When the action button is clicked, the script displays an alert that says that the button ID was clicked. Drag and drop the code snippets into the locations to complete the script:

Automation and Programmability Automating Collaboration Solutions

Refer to the exhibit. A bot is receiving notifications such as the one displayed in the exhibit. Drag and drop the code onto the snippet to complete the API request that was sent to Webex Teams so that the bot will receive these notifications. Not all options are used.

Automating Collaboration Solutions Integration and Interoperability