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Cisco (300-910-DEVOPS) Exam Questions And Answers page 1

Which two elements help to secure your API keys? (Choose two.)
DevOps Security Monitoring and Analytics
A new version of an application is being released by creating a separate instance of the application that is running the new code. Only a small portion of the user base will be directed to the new instance until that version has been proven stable. Which deployment strategy is this example of?
DevOps Principles and Practices DevOps Toolchain
Which step must be taken to enable centralized logging in a Kubernetes environment?
Automation and Orchestration DevOps Toolchain
Which two practices help make the security of an application a more integral part of the software development lifecycle? (Choose two.)
Automation and Orchestration DevOps Toolchain
Which two actions help limit the attack surface of your Docker container? (Choose two.)
DevOps Security Automation and Orchestration
Microservices architecture pattern has been applied and the system has been architected as a set of services. Each service is deployed as a set of instances for throughput and availability. In which two ways are these services packaged and deployed? (Choose two.)
Automation and Orchestration Automation and Orchestration
A DevOps engineering wants to build an application implementation based on the CI/CD pipeline model. Which service should be used to provide hosted continuous service for open and private projects?
DevOps Principles and Practices Continuous Integration and Deployment

Fill in the blanks to complete the line of Python code that sends a message to a Webex Teams room or person.

Automation and Orchestration Cisco DevOps Tools and Platforms
To make logging searches more efficient and useful in Kibana, an Administrator wants to implement index patterns around the hostname of some software systems. Where should this be configured?
Automation and Orchestration Automation and Orchestration
A developer wants to deploy a highly available web server cluster and decides to put a load balancer in front of multiple clustered nodes that run the same web service. The goal is for the load balancer to take in users and distribute the load across the whole cluster.

What kind of high-availability configuration is the developer running?
Automation and Orchestration DevOps Toolchain