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Cisco (350-201-CBRCOR) Exam Questions And Answers page 5

A patient views information that is not theirs when they sign in to the hospital s online portal. The patient calls the support center at the hospital but continues to be put on hold because other patients are experiencing the same issue. An incident has been declared, and an engineer is now on the incident bridge as the CyberOps Tier 3 Analyst. There is a concern about the disclosure of PII occurring in real-time. What is the first step the analyst should take to address this incident?
Security Concepts Threat Intelligence and Incident Response
A threat actor has crafted and sent a spear-phishing email with what appears to be a trustworthy link to the site of a conference that an employee recently attended. The employee clicked the link and was redirected to a malicious site through which the employee downloaded a PDF attachment infected with ransomware. The employee opened the attachment, which exploited vulnerabilities on the desktop. The ransomware is now installed and is calling back to its command and control server. Which security solution is needed at this stage to mitigate the attack?
Network Security Endpoint Security
An engineer notices that every Sunday night, there is a two-hour period with a large load of network activity. Upon further investigation, the engineer finds that the activity is from locations around the globe outside the organization s service area. What are the next steps the engineer must take?
Network Security Threat Intelligence and Incident Response
The incident response team was notified of detected malware. The team identified the infected hosts, removed the malware, restored the functionality and data of infected systems, and planned a company meeting to improve the incident handling capability. Which step was missed according to the NIST incident handling guide?
Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Security Operations and Technology
How does Wireshark decrypt TLS network traffic?
Network Security Threat Intelligence and Incident Response
What is a principle of Infrastructure as Code?
Security Concepts Cloud Security
A company recently started accepting credit card payments in their local warehouses and is undergoing a PCI audit. Based on business requirements, the company needs to store sensitive authentication data for 45 days. How must data be stored for compliance?
Security Concepts Network Security
The SIEM tool informs a SOC team of a suspicious file. The team initializes the analysis with an automated sandbox tool, sets up a controlled laboratory to examine the malware specimen, and proceeds with behavioral analysis. What is the next step in the malware analysis process?
Network Security Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is analyzing this Vlan0392-int12-239.pcap file in Wireshark after detecting a suspicious network activity. The origin header for the direct IP connections in the packets was initiated by a google chrome extension on a WebSocket protocol. The engineer checked message payloads to determine what information was being sent off-site but the payloads are obfuscated and unreadable. What does this STIX indicate?
Network Security Security Operations and Technology
The physical security department received a report that an unauthorized person followed an authorized individual to enter a secured premise. The incident was documented and given to a security specialist to analyze. Which step should be taken at this stage?
Security Concepts Endpoint Security