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Cisco (350-601-DCCOR) Exam Questions And Answers page 16

An engineer is performing an ISSU upgrade on the Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch. What is the impact on the control plane of the switch?
Storage Networking Security
What are two capabilities of the Cisco Network Assurance Engine? (Choose two.)
Network Virtualization Security
Which MAC address is an HSRP version 2?
Network Virtualization Security
What is a recommended design choice in a topology for multipathing iSCSI traffic?
Storage Networking Security
A network architect considers a Cisco HyperFlex design solution for a company. The proposed solution is for a virtual environment that is not performance-sensitive, but the solution must have high storage capacity and a low cost. Which Cisco HyperFlex storage configuration should be used?
Data Center Infrastructure Compute
A customer wants to offload some of its order processing to a public cloud environment. The customer environment is based on Cisco ACI and uses Puppet with containerized applications. The operations team requires a solution to orchestrate and optimize the cost of the new solution. Which product must be used to meet these requirements?
Automation Orchestration and Management

Refer to the exhibit. All switches are configured with the default OSPF priority. Which configuration should be applied to ensure that the SW2 Cisco Nexus switch controls the LSA floods and advertises the network to the remaining nodes in the OSPFv2 area?
Network Virtualization Security
A network engineer must create an EEM script that saves a copy of the running configuration on bootflash and writes a message to syslog when a user saves the configuration to a Cisco Nexus Series switch. Which configuration set should be applied to complete this task?
Network Virtualization Security
A network engineer is deploying a Cisco All-Flash HyperFlex solution. Which local storage configuration is required for the operating system and persistent logging?
Network Virtualization Storage Networking

Refer to the exhibit. During a vPC peer switch reload, there is packet loss between the server and the router. Which action must be taken to prevent this behavior during future reloads?
Network Virtualization Compute