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Cisco (350-601-DCCOR) Exam Questions And Answers page 17

An engineer must implement an automation solution to allow the backup of the configuration of Cisco Nexus Series Switches to a centralized location. The solution must:

" support the team-developed custom monitoring scripts that are packaged using RPM packaging that the framework must support.
" be decoupled from the underlying Cisco Nexus operating system.
" have no impact on the operating system of the underlying switch if the resource contention occurs.
" use Python to expand the existing automation framework.

Which solution meets these requirements?
Storage Networking Automation
A network engineer is adding a Cisco HyperFlex data platform to the Cisco Intersight management portal.

Which two components are required for Intersight to claim the Cisco HyperFlex data platform? (Choose two.)
Data Center Infrastructure Network Virtualization
Refer to the exhibit.

What is a characteristic presented in the service profile of the UUID?
Data Center Infrastructure Security
An engineer must configure the HSRP protocol between two Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches. This configuration is present on Nexus A.

The final HSRP configuration must meet these requirements:

" The HSRP communication must be secured on both switches.
" Both switches must support more than 300 groups.

Which two commands must be added to the HSRP configuration on Nexus A to complete these requirements? (Choose two.)
Network Virtualization Security
A network engineer must configure a power redundancy policy on a Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Server. The power redundancy must support two power sources being used to power the server. Which configuration should be applied to meet the requirement?
Network Virtualization Compute
An engineer must configure the HSRP protocol to implement redundancy using two Cisco Nexus Series Switches, in addition, me HSRP must meet these requirements:

" switch1 must retain the primary role if switch2 goes offline.
" switch1 must retain the primary role until normal conditions are restored.
" switch1 and switch2 must ensure that the routing tables are converged before taking the active role.
" switch2 must retain the primary role if the default gateway is not reachable.

Drag and drop the configuration commands from the right to the left to meet the requirements. The commands are used more than once. Not all commands are used.

Network Virtualization Security
What is a benefit of independent resource scaling in Cisco HyperFlex hybrid architecture?
Compute Automation
When the default firmware package is set to a new version, which type of policy determines the timing of server reboots during the firmware upgrade?
Automation Security
A UCS B-Series server located in B5108 chassis 1 slot 1 is currently unavailable. The server needs to be associated with a specific service profile when it becomes available. Which associate service profile option should be selected to accomplish this goal?
Compute Automation

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration ensures that the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches are the primary devices for LACP?
Network Virtualization Compute