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Cisco (350-601-DCCOR) Exam Questions And Answers page 20

An engineer implements a Cisco UCS C-Series Server that must adhere to these security requirements:
• Unencrypted communication must be disabled.
• The session timeout must not exceed 15 minutes.
• Unencrypted traffic must be automatically diverted.
• CLI-based management must use nondefault ports.

Which configuration set meets these requirements?
Compute Security
Which two hypervisors does Cisco HyperFlex support? (Choose two.)
Compute Security
Drag and drop the network assurance concepts from the left onto the corresponding benefits on the right.

Network Virtualization Security
A customer needs a tool to take advantage of the CI/CD model to streamline its operations and optimize cost. The customer wants to integrate the solution with the Cisco products it currently uses, including Cisco ACI networking and Cisco UCS Series servers. The solution should also provide on-premises Kubernetes and AppDynamics performance monitoring. Because of the security requirements, the solution should not install a local client on products under management. Which orchestration solution meets these requirements?
Automation Orchestration and Management
Refer to the exhibit.

Which two Cisco UCS components are upgraded as a result of the configuration? (Choose two.)
Compute Automation
An engineer implements an ACI fabric and must implement microsegmentation of endpoints within the same IP subnet using a network-based attribute. The attribute mapping must allow IP subnet independence. Which attribute must be selected?
Network Virtualization Security
An engineer configures the properties of a Cisco UCS Cisco Integrated Management Controller network adapter for a standalone Cisco C-Series Server. The Failback Timeout in the vNIC was set to 600. When the failure occurs, the secondary interfaces must be used and then failback when the primary interface becomes available again. Which action must be taken to meet these requirements?
Network Virtualization Compute
Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is setting up a multihomed OTV network. The first site has been set up with a primary and secondary adjacency server.

Which configuration must be added on the remote OTV AEDs site?
Network Virtualization Compute
An engineer must ensure fabric redundancy when implementing NPV mode on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch.

Which action enables fabric redundancy?
Network Virtualization Storage Networking
A new employee must be granted access to add VLANs into an existing Cisco UCS Manager and configure NTP synchronization with date and time zone settings. Which two privileges must be granted to the employee to complete the task? (Choose two.)
Network Virtualization Security