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Cisco (350-601-DCCOR) Exam Questions And Answers page 24

Refer to the exhibit.

The STP priority of N7K-1 and N7K-2 are the lowest in the network.

Which statement describes STP on the vPC?
Network Virtualization Compute
An engineer must configure OSPFv2 connectivity between a pair of Cisco Nexus switches. The connection between the switches must meet these requirements:
• Use unicast for updates.
• Use decentralized communication of updates.
• Full adjacency between switches.

Which configuration is needed to meet these requirements?
Network Virtualization Compute
What is a feature of NFS?
Storage Networking Security
A POAP-enabled Cisco Nexus switch will not enter POAP mode.

Which two conditions should be verified? (Choose two.)
Network Virtualization Security

Refer to the exhibit. Which command is run from the Guest Shell to set the description on the first five interfaces of the Cisco Nexus switch?
Network Virtualization Compute

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must distribute all the host ports to use all eight configured FEX uplinks. The solution must minimize disruption if an uplink fails. Which action accomplishes this objective?
Storage Networking Security
Refer to the exhibit.

What is configured as a result of running these commands?
Data Center Infrastructure Compute
An engineer deploys a custom Guest Shell rootfs on a Nexus 9000 Series Switch. Drag and drop the steps from the left into the order required to deploy the solution on the right. Not all options are used.

Storage Networking Compute

Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop each traffic flow type from the left onto the corresponding number on the right. Not all traffic flow types are used.

Network Virtualization Orchestration and Management
A Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch is configured for SAN Analytics and SAN Telemetry Streaming. An engineer must enable analytics for NVMe on interfaces in the range of fc1/1-12. Due to a large amount of traffic generated in the SAN environment, the data must be collected at regular intervals of 60 seconds from ports fc1/1-12 and then for ports fc1/13-24 for the next 60 seconds. Ports in the range fc1/13-24 were already enabled for analytics. Which set of commands must be used to meet these requirements?
Storage Networking Security