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Cisco (350-601-DCCOR) Exam Questions And Answers page 9

Refer to the exhibit.

Which action must be taken before the maintenance policy can be committed?
Compute Security
Which two firmware packages are included in the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount UCS-Managed Server Software bundle? (Choose two.)
Compute Automation
Refer to the exhibit.

Which backup operation type does not include the Preserve Identities feature?
Storage Networking Security
A network engineer plans to upgrade the firmware of a Cisco UCS B-Series chassis by using the Auto Install feature. Which component is upgraded during the infrastructure firmware upgrade stage?
Storage Networking Compute
An engineer must configure multiple EPGs on a single access port in a large Cisco ACI fabric without using VMM integration. The relevant access policies and tenant policies have been created. A single AAEP is used to configure the access ports in the fabric. Which two additional steps must be taken to complete the configuration? (Choose two.)
Network Virtualization Compute
An administrator needs to configure an automated policy to shut down a link when a given threshold is exceeded on MDS switch.

Which feature needs to be used?
Storage Networking Automation

Refer to the exhibit. A host with a source address sends traffic to multicast group How do the vPC switches forward the multicast traffic?
Network Virtualization Storage Networking
Which statement describes monitoring Fibre Channel traffic on a Cisco UCS 6332 Fabric Interconnect?
Storage Networking Security
Which configuration implements static ingress replication?
Network Virtualization Security
An engineer must configure the order in which the server attempts to boot from available boot device types using Cisco Integrated Management Controller (Cisco IMC). The engineer must change the boot order configuration during the setup and apply the new requirements multiple times. The requirement is to change the Cisco IMC actual boot order so it is different from the configured boot order. Which setting accomplishes this goal?
Compute Automation