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Comptia (CAS-003) Exam Questions And Answers page 26

A network engineer is upgrading the network perimeter and installing a new firewall, IDS, and external edge router. The IDS is reporting elevated UDP traffic, and the internal routers are reporting high utilization. Which of the following is the BEST solution?
Enterprise Security Architecture Enterprise Security Operations
A security assessor is working with an organization to review the policies and procedures associated with managing the organization s virtual infrastructure. During a review of the virtual environment, the assessor determines the organization is using servers to provide more than one primary function, which violates a regulatory requirement. The assessor reviews hardening guides and determines policy allows for this configuration. It would be MOST appropriate for the assessor to advise the organization to:
Risk Management Enterprise Security Architecture
A company has entered into a business agreement with a business partner for managed human resources services. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has been asked to provide documentation that is required to set up a business-to-business VPN between the two organizations. Which of the following is required in this scenario?
Enterprise Security Operations Enterprise Security Operations
A company has a DLP system with the following capabilities:

• Text examination
• Optical character recognition
• File type validation
• Multilingual translation of key words and phrases
• Blocking of content encrypted with a known cipher
• Examination of all egress points

Despite the existing protections, a malicious insider was able to exfiltrate confidential information. DLP logs show the malicious insider transferred a number of JPEG files to an external host, but each of those files appears as negative for the presence of confidential information. Which of the following are the MOST likely explanations for this issue? (Choose two.)
Risk Management Enterprise Security Operations
A technician is configuring security options on the mobile device manager for users who often utilize public Internet connections while travelling. After ensuring that full disk encryption is enabled, which of the following security measures should the technician take? (Choose two.)
Risk Management Enterprise Security Operations
The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from two different companies are discussing the highly sensitive prospect of merging their respective companies together. Both have invited their Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to discern how they can securely and digitally communicate, and the following criteria are collectively determined:

• Must be encrypted on the email servers and clients
• Must be OK to transmit over unsecure Internet connections

Which of the following communication methods would be BEST to recommend?
Risk Management Enterprise Security Architecture
Company leadership believes employees are experiencing an increased number of cyber attacks; however, the metrics do not show this. Currently, the company uses Number of successful phishing attacks as a KRI, but it does not show an increase.

Which of the following additional information should be the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) include in the report?
Risk Management Enterprise Security Architecture
A security researcher at an organization is reviewing potential threats to the VoIP phone system infrastructure, which uses a gigabit Internet connection. The researcher finds a vulnerability and knows placing an IPS in front of the phone system will mitigate the risk. The researcher gathers the following information about various IPS systems:

The organization is concerned about cost, but call quality is critical to its operations. Which of the following vendors would be BEST for the organization to choose?
Risk Management Enterprise Security Architecture
A security engineer is attempting to increase the randomness of numbers used in key generation in a system. The goal of the effort is to strengthen the keys against predictive analysis attacks.

Which of the following is the BEST solution?
Risk Management Enterprise Security Operations
A developer emails the following output to a security administrator for review:

Which of the following tools might the security administrator use to perform further security assessment of this issue?
Enterprise Security Operations Technical Integration of Enterprise Security