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Comptia (XK0-004) Exam Questions And Answers page 16

Within the Architecture Repository, what does the class of information known as the Architecture Capability include?
Essential System Services
An administrator notices the HISTSIZE variable is 50, using the commands below:


The administrator rechecks the HISTSIZE value using echo HISTSIZE but gets no value. Which of the following commands should the administrator use to retrieve its value?
Command Line Interface Shells, Scripting, and Data Management
An administrator is installing a new kernel but is getting an error indicating the filesystem is out of space. A disk usage check shows / has plenty of space.

Which of the following BEST represents where the administrator should check next?
Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Networking Fundamentals
A Linux administrator suspects unauthorized users are attempting to log in to the Linux server remotely. Which of the following should the administrator check FIRST?
Networking Fundamentals Security
A newly installed desktop is unable to connect to networked resources. The systems administrator executes various commands and reviews the following output snippets:

Which of the following should the systems administrator try NEXT to restore connectivity?
Networking Fundamentals Security
According to the TOGAF standard, which of the following define general rules and guidelines for the use of resources across the enterprise?
Essential System Services
A systems engineer scheduled an at job that will reboot a critical server. A developer states the processes will not complete for another three hours.

Which of the following will help the systems engineer to remove the job?
Command Line Interface Administrative Tasks
A junior systems administrator created a new filesystem /dev/sda1 with mountpoint /data and added it to the /etc/fstab for auto-mounting.

When the systems administrator tries to mount the file system, the system refuses. Given the output below:

Which of the following steps is necessary?
Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Shells, Scripting, and Data Management
Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the X11 system?
Networking Fundamentals
An administrator needs to look at a log for an application on a systemd-based system. There is no log for this application in /var/log. Which of the following is another way to view the application log on this system?
Command Line Interface Essential System Services