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Comptia (XK0-004) Exam Questions And Answers page 34

Complete the sentence. TOGAF covers the development of four architecture domains, Application, Business, Data and__________.
Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Shells, Scripting, and Data Management
A security team informs the Linux administrator that a specific server is acting as an open relay.
To which of the following is the security team referring?
Networking Fundamentals Security
A systems administrator needs to connect to a remote Linux machine to run system updates from within a graphical interface. Which of the following should the administrator use?
User Interfaces and Desktops

A junior system administrator had trouble installing and running an Apache web server on a Linux server. You have been tasked with installing the Apache web server on the Linux server and resolving the issue that prevented the junior administrator from running Apache.

Install Apache and start the service. Verify that the Apache service is running with the defaults.
Typing help in the terminal will show a list of relevant commands.
If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please click the Reset All button.

CentOS Command Prompt
Command Line Interface Scripting and Automation
Which one of the following best describes the purpose of the Communications Plan?
Networking Fundamentals Security
A Linux systems administrator is setting up SSH access with PKI for several using their newly created RSA keys. Which of the following MOST securely achieves this task?
Command Line Interface Shells, Scripting, and Data Management
Which of the following will provide a list of all flash, external, internal, and SSD drives?
Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Networking Fundamentals
Ann, a Linux administrator, wants to edit a configuration management file. When she opens the file to edit, her text editor reports that the file has been opened in read-only mode. She then tries to edit the file as root by elevating via sudo and is still unable to save any changes. The error message in her text editor says that the read-only option is set on the file. Ann checks the permissions on the file and sees the following:

-rw-rw-r-- 1 root wheel 30 Jun 13 15:38 infrastructure.yml

Which of the following commands is the BEST option to allow her to successfully modify the file?
System Configuration and Management
A Linux engineer is troubleshooting a newly added SCSI device for a Linux server that needed more disk space without rebooting. The engineer discovers that the new device is not visible by the Linux kernel in fdisk -l output. Which of the following commands should be used to rescan the entire SCSI bus?
System Configuration and Management Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
According to TOGAF, which of the following are the architecture domains that are commonly accepted subsets of an overall enterprise architecture?
Essential System Services Networking Fundamentals