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Comptia (XK0-004) Exam Questions And Answers page 43

An administrator has written the following Bash script:

All necessary files exist in the correct locations. However, when the administrator executes /home/user/test.sh the following error is received:

No such file or directory

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error?
Command Line Interface Scripting and Automation
An association of companies has defined a data model for sharing inventory and pricing information.

Which of the following best describes where this model would fit in the Architecture Continuum?
Networking Fundamentals
When logging in, an administrator must use a temporary six-digit code that is displayed on a key fob.

Which of the following has been implemented?
Command Line Interface Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
A systems administrator needs to conduct maintenance on a server.

Which of the following commands will place the administrator in the appropriate runlevel?
Command Line Interface Administrative Tasks
Which of the following is a difference between YAML and JSON?
Scripting and Automation Networking Fundamentals
An administrator notices a website hosted on an httpd web server is not loading. Upon further inspection, the administrator learns there are no httpd processes running. When starting the service, the site operates correctly for a few minutes before the process disappears again.

Which of the following should the administrator consider as the MOST likely possibility before troubleshooting the issue?
Command Line Interface Essential System Services
A systems administrator is enabling quotas on the /home directory of a Linux server. The administrator makes the appropriate edits to the /etc/fstab file and attempts to issue the commands to enable quotas on the desired directory. However, the administrator receives an error message stating the filesystem does not support quotas. Which of the following commands should the administrator perform to proceed?
Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Essential System Services
An analyst is trying to determine which public IP addresses are managed by Company A, but the script is not working correctly.

Which of the following explains what is wrong with the script?
Command Line Interface Networking Fundamentals
Complete the sentence. A gap analysis will enable the architect to do all of the following except _____.
Essential System Services
Which pair of the following responses best completes the sentence? Architecture building blocks ____, where as Solution Building blocks ____
Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Networking Fundamentals