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Comptia (XK0-004) Exam Questions And Answers page 51

Which of the following does TOGAF describe as "a formal description of a system, or a detailed plan of the system at component level to guide its implementation"?
Scripting and Automation Shells, Scripting, and Data Management
Joe, a member of the accounting group on a Linux system, is unable to write a file called taxes in the accounting shared directory. The ownership and permissions on the directory and file are as follows:

accounting drwxrw-r-- user = ann, group = accounting
taxes -rw-r--r-- , user = ann, group = accounting

Which of the following commands would allow Joe to write to the file? (Choose two.)
Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Shells, Scripting, and Data Management
A technician wants to secure a sensitive workstation by ensuring network traffic is kept within the local subnet. To accomplish this task, the technician executes the following command:

echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_default_ttl

Which of the following commands can the technician use to confirm the expected results? (Choose two.)
Networking Fundamentals Security
The statement, "Getting information to the right people at the right time in a secure, reliable manner in order to support the operations that are core to the extended enterprise" describes the concept of_____
Administrative Tasks Security
According to TOGAF, Which document should incorporate the actions arising from the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment technique?
User Interfaces and Desktops Administrative Tasks
Ann, a junior Linux administrator, needs to copy software from her local machine to assist in developing a software application on a remote machine with the IP address The file needs to be placed on the /tmp directory. After downloading the RPM to the local machine, which of the following commands would be BEST to use to copy the software?
Command Line Interface Devices, Linux Filesystems, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Which of the following does TOGAF provide as a set of reference materials for establishing an architecture function within an organization?
User Interfaces and Desktops Essential System Services
Which of the following default files are typically used to contain a list of public keys from other computers? (Choose two.)
Networking Fundamentals Security
Which ADM phase starts with the receipt of a Request for Architecture Work from the sponsoring organization?
Essential System Services
A technician suspects a company's border firewall is down, thus blocking Internet access. The technician executes the following commands:

#ping -c 1 firewall.company.com
64 bytes from firewall.company.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.061ms
#ping -c 16 www.comptia.com
16 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 14999ms

Which of the following commands should the technician use to BEST determine the source of this outage?
Networking Fundamentals