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Google - PCD Certification Exam Details, Questions and Answers

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PCD: Professional Cloud Developer

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25 January 2024
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Application Development Cloud APIs Application Development Security and Identity Management Cloud Integration and Deployment Cloud Data Storage and Databases Cloud Computing Concepts Cloud Services and APIs Cloud Datastore Cloud Storage Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Functions Cloud Deployment Manager

Google's Professional Cloud Developer Certification Exam

Details About the Exam

The Professional Cloud Developer certification exam is an industry-recognized certification that validates your ability to design, build, and manage applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The exam is designed to test your knowledge of GCP, focusing on your understanding of how to develop and maintain applications that leverage Google Cloud technologies.

Importance of the Exam

The Professional Cloud Developer exam is essential for IT professionals who are looking to validate their skills and knowledge in cloud technology, specifically GCP. The exam is recognized by companies worldwide, making it a valuable asset for anyone looking to advance their career in cloud computing.

Technical Details

The exam is composed of multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. The duration of the exam is 2 hours, and it's administered online and available in English and Japanese. The exam requires a thorough understanding of Google Cloud technologies and how they can be used to develop and maintain cloud applications.

Measured Skills

  • Understanding of Google Cloud technologies
  • Ability to design, build, and manage applications on GCP
  • Knowledge in developing and maintaining cloud applications
  • Proficiency in using Google Cloud SDK, Google Cloud Console, and Cloud Shell
  • Familiarity with service accounts and roles in IAM

Preparation Advice

To prepare for the Professional Cloud Developer exam, it's recommended to have hands-on experience with Google Cloud technologies. Google Cloud training courses and other resources, such as Google Cloud's documentation and Qwiklabs, can be beneficial. Additionally, practice exams can also help to familiarize yourself with the format and style of the questions on the actual exam.

Exam Topics

  • Application Development (15% - 25%)

    • Developing cloud-native applications
    • Designing and implementing scalable applications
    • Implementing security and compliance
    • Debugging, monitoring, and troubleshooting applications
  • Cloud APIs (10% - 20%)

    • Working with Google Cloud APIs
    • Implementing API authentication and authorization
    • Managing API usage and quotas
  • Application Development (20% - 30%)

    • Designing cloud-native applications
    • Developing applications for scalability
    • Implementing microservices architecture
    • Containerization and orchestration
    • Serverless computing
    • API development and management
  • Security and Identity Management (10% - 15%)

    • Identity and access management
    • Authentication and authorization
    • Data encryption and protection
    • Network security in the cloud
    • Security best practices and compliance
  • Cloud Integration and Deployment (10% - 15%)

    • Integration patterns and techniques
    • Continuous integration and deployment
    • DevOps practices in the cloud
    • Deployment strategies (blue-green, canary)
    • Monitoring and logging in the cloud
  • Cloud Data Storage and Databases (15% - 25%)

    • Cloud-based data storage options
    • Relational databases in the cloud
    • NoSQL databases in the cloud
    • Data warehousing and analytics
    • Data migration and synchronization
  • Cloud Computing Concepts (15% - 20%)

    • Introduction to cloud computing
    • Cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
    • Cloud deployment models (public, private, hybrid)
    • Cloud security and compliance
    • Cloud scalability and elasticity
  • Cloud Services and APIs (10% - 15%)

    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services overview
    • Compute services (Compute Engine, App Engine)
    • Storage services (Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL)
    • Big data and machine learning services
    • API management and integration
  • Cloud Datastore (5% - 10%)

    • Designing and implementing Datastore entities
    • Querying Datastore
    • Managing Datastore indexes
    • Transactions and consistency
  • Cloud Storage (5% - 10%)

    • Working with Cloud Storage buckets and objects
    • Managing access control and permissions
    • Implementing data encryption
    • Using Cloud Storage for backups and archiving
  • Cloud Pub/Sub (5% - 10%)

    • Working with Pub/Sub topics and subscriptions
    • Implementing message ordering and delivery
    • Managing Pub/Sub access control
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Functions (10% - 15%)

    • Creating and deploying Cloud Functions
    • Configuring function triggers and event sources
    • Managing function invocations and retries
    • Monitoring and logging Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Deployment Manager (5% - 10%)

    • Defining and deploying infrastructure as code
    • Managing deployments and updates
    • Configuring deployment templates and resources