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Salesforce - CS-CC Certification Exam Details, Questions and Answers

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CS-CC: Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

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25 January 2024
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Salesforce's CS-CC: Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam

About the Exam

Salesforce's CS-CC: Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam is a globally recognized certification that validates the skills and knowledge of professionals to customize Salesforce, implement Sales Cloud solutions, design and manage reports, and manage dashboards in real-world environments.

The Importance of CS-CC Certification

The CS-CC Certification is crucial for professionals looking to demonstrate their Salesforce skills to potential employers. Earning this certification adds credibility to your profile and enables you to stay updated with the latest Salesforce technologies and best practices.

Technical Details of the Exam

The CS-CC exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, which must be completed in 105 minutes. A minimum score of 67% is required to pass the exam. The exam tests the candidate's knowledge in Sales Cloud Solution Design, Marketing and Leads, Account and Contact Management, and other related areas.

Measured Skills

  • Sales Cloud Solution Design
  • Marketing and Leads
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Productivity
  • Communities and Site Management
  • Analytics and Forecasting
  • Integration and Data Management

Preparation Advice for the CS-CC Exam

Effective preparation for the CS-CC exam typically involves a combination of on-the-job experience, course attendance, and self-study. Salesforce offers training courses and study guides that can be very useful. It is also advisable to take practice exams to familiarize yourself with the format and style of the exam questions.

Exam Topics

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Solution Design (10% - 15%)

    • Service Cloud features and capabilities
    • Service Cloud automation
    • Service Cloud case management
    • Service Cloud knowledge management
    • Service Cloud reporting and analytics
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation (10% - 15%)

    • Service Cloud data migration
    • Service Cloud integration
    • Service Cloud change management
    • Service Cloud deployment considerations
  • Salesforce Communities (10% - 15%)

    • Salesforce community setup
    • Salesforce community customization
    • Salesforce community engagement
    • Salesforce community reporting and analytics
  • Salesforce Fundamentals (10% - 15%)

    • Salesforce objects and relationships
    • Salesforce security and access
    • Salesforce data management
    • Salesforce user setup
  • Sales Cloud Solution Design (25% - 30%)

    • Sales process design
    • Salesforce automation
    • Salesforce mobile
    • Salesforce collaboration
    • Salesforce forecasting
    • Salesforce reporting and analytics
  • Salesforce Implementation Strategies (15% - 20%)

    • Salesforce data migration
    • Salesforce integration
    • Salesforce change management
    • Salesforce deployment considerations