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Salesforce (CRT403) Exam Questions And Answers page 13

The developer at Universal Containers wants to test code in a sandbox environment. In order to ensure the code works properly, the sandbox needs to have at least half a gigabyte of data. The sandbox will need to be refreshed after each three-day sprint.

What type of sandbox should the App Builder provision to the developer?
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management
Which is true about social accounts?
User Interface Security
Customer services wish to analyze how many open cases there are each day over a period of time.

How can they achieve this?
Data Management Analytics
What sandbox should you use for data load and integration testing?
Data Modeling and Management Data Management
Currently defined picklist values are retained when you change a picklist to a multi-select picklist.
Security Data Management
When activating a page in the Lightning app builder, what declarative options are available? (Choose three.)
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation
The app builder at Universal Containers has been asked to ensure that the Country field on the Account object is captured as the two-letter abbreviation.

How can the app builder satisfy this requirement?
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management
Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to begin socializing and collaborating within Salesforce around customer accounts to discuss various topics. CK would like all company employees to see these conversations.

Which two features of Chatter would meet CK s business needs? (Choose two.)
User Interface Security
Representatives at Universal Containers uses Salesforce to record information for new Leads. When new prospects are added, an outbound message is sent to SAP with the Lead s information.

What automation process will accomplish this without writing any code?
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management
Two custom objects exist with a Master-Detail relationship. Your company now needs to count and display the number of child objects associated with the parent.

Which feature can best satisfy this requirement?
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management