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Salesforce (CRT403) Exam Questions And Answers page 14

At Universal Containers, the VP of Service has requested a visual indicator flag on each case, based on the case priority. High-priority case should be flagged red, medium-priority should be flagged yellow, and low-priority cases should be flagged green.

Which two formulas will accomplish this requirement? (Choose two.)
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation
Universal Container s app builder needs to display an account s rating on all contacts related to that account.

Which formula is valid in a text formula field on the contact to display the appropriate value? (Choose two.)
Data Modeling and Management Data Management
The VP of Sales at Cloud Kicks wants to have a set of screens to guide the inside sales team through collecting and updating data for leads. Once the leads are updated, the leads should be entered into a marketing journey activated by the sales rep checking the marketing checkbox.

How should the app builder accomplish this?
User Interface Data Management
What should you do when a user requests a report?
User Interface Data Management
Universal Containers conducts evaluations of its sales reps using a custom object consisting of numerical scores and executive comments. The company wants to ensure that only the sales reps, their managers, and their manager s executives can view the rep s evaluation record, but the reps should not be able to view the executive comment fields on their review.

How can these requirements be met?
Data Modeling and Management Security
A developer wants to make sure that all fields on his new custom object are editable to all profiles.

What should be checked on field level security?
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management
A manager wants to calculate the number of days since an account was last contacted through e-mail.

What field type should be used to accomplish this?
Data Modeling and Management Data Management
Universal Containers (UC) requires that all users specify a contract is sent on each Opportunity prior to marking it as Closed Won . UC wants to be able to report on how many Opportunities have sent Contracts compared to how many have a missing contract when the Opportunities closed.

What type of field should an app builder configure to fulfill this requirement?
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management
Universal Containers has two types of customer support processes: Platinum and Diamond. The app builder created separate record types for each process on the Case object. The customer support team should not be able to create new cases with the Diamond record type.

How should this requirement be met?
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation
In a data model object, A is related to B, B is related to C.

How will a developer create a report to include fields of A & C?
Data Modeling and Management Data Management