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Salesforce (CRT403) Exam Questions And Answers page 17

Users at Cloud Kicks provided feedback that the time card custom page layout has too many fields on it, and some fields are only needed if other fields are entered.

What should an app builder configure to help with this issue?
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation
Universal Containers has Public Read/Write as the Account organization-wide default (OWD) setting. Visitors to the customer community site report that they can see all of the company s account records.

How should an app builder configure Account sharing so that community users only see their own Account?
Security Data Management
Sales representatives want to capture custom Feedback record details related to each Account. The sales reps want to accomplish this with minimal clicks on the Salesforce Mobile Application.

Which two solutions should be recommended in order to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)
Data Modeling and Management Business Logic and Process Automation
What is not a possible action of the Lightning Process Builder?
Business Logic and Process Automation Security
The Salesforce user interface includes all of these key elements except __________.
User Interface
Universal container has included its orders as an external data object into Salesforce. You want to create a relationship between Accounts and the Orders object (one-to-many relationship) leveraging a key field for account which is on both external object and Account.

Which relationship do you create?
Data Modeling and Management Data Management
What is a user case for validation rules?
User Interface Security
Universal Containers requires e-mails to be sent to additional recipients when a workflow e-mail alert is triggered from the case object.

Which two field types need to be added to the case object to allow additional recipients on the e-mail alert? (Choose two.)
User Interface Security
Which of the following are advantages to using Lightning Process Builder over Workflow rules? (Choose two.)
Business Logic and Process Automation Security
ABC Company wants to rollout new product bundles with several pricing options. Pricing options include product-price bundles, account specific pricing and more.

Which product satisfies the needs?
Data Modeling and Management Business Logic and Process Automation