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Salesforce (CRT403) Exam Questions And Answers page 23

You can have multiple records with the same external ID.
Data Modeling and Management Data Management
Universal Containers wants to optimize routes for its traveling service personnel.

What is the recommended solution to meet this requirement?
Data Modeling and Management Data Management
Which of these is not a method for controlling record-level access?
Security Data Management
New and refreshed sandboxes have the default e-mail deliverability setting System e-mail only.

What are the other options? (Choose three.)
Security Data Management
Universal Containers manages internal projects by department using a custom object called Projects. Only employees in the project s respective department should have view access to all of the department s project records. If an employee changes job roles and moves to another department, the employee should no longer have access to the projects within their former department.

Which two options will meet these requirements assuming the organization-wide default for Projects is set to Private? (Choose two.)
Security Data Management
When an opportunity is closed date is pushed more than 30 days, manager approval is required. An approval process is in place but reps frequently forget to submit for approval to run the process.

How can an app builder ensure that these opportunities are submitted into the approval process?
Business Logic and Process Automation Security
A salesperson at AW Computing only sees the Social Contacts link for Twitter and not Facebook on his records.

Why would this be happening?
User Interface Security
SF can connect social profiles to all of the following objects except __________.
User Interface Data Management
To enable the Publisher Actions area on Page Layouts, navigate to ___________.
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation
A lightning Page is __________.
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation