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Salesforce (CRT403) Exam Questions And Answers page 24

Custom objects on the "detail" side of a master-detail relationship cannot have sharing rules.
Security Data Management
An organization wants to create a field to store manager data on the user object. The manager field is a reference to another user record.

What type of relationship should be used?
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation
Which three values must be defined when creating a new Opportunity Stage picklist value? (Choose three.)
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management
A production org includes custom objects containing confidential information. A sandbox is needed that includes data records, excludes all of the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly.

What steps should an app builder take to meet these requirements?
Business Logic and Process Automation Security
An app builder would like to streamline the user experience by reflecting summarized calculations of specific fields on various objects.

Which three field types could be used in roll-up summary fields to accomplish this? (Choose three.)
User Interface Business Logic and Process Automation
How should an app builder configure access to a contact s Twitter profile for Salesforce mobile app users?
User Interface Security
Universal Containers uses a custom object called Reviews to capture information generated by interviewers during the candidate process. The Review records are visible to any user that has access to the related custom Candidate record. The VP of Human Resources wants the comment field on the Review to be private to anyone outside of the HR department.

How should the app builder meet this requirement?
Security Data Management
Your manager has asked you to create an object with radio buttons that track a rating of 1-5.

How will you achieve this?
User Interface Security
Which social network is available in the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1?
User Interface
Universal Containers assigns system access via permission sets and permission set groups to ensure each user has proper access. One department with varying levels of support stuff has five consistent permission sets they require in order to complete their duties. Some higher-level staff have additional permission sets that are only required for them.

How should an app builder recommend assigning permission sets to users?
Data Modeling and Management Security