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Salesforce (CRT403) Exam Questions And Answers page 40

You should use a lookup filter if __________. (Choose two.)
Data Modeling and Management Security
Which two are true statements about record types? (Choose two.)
Security Data Management
The VP of Sales at Universal Containers wants to have a set of screens to guide the inside sales team through collecting and updating data for leads.

How can the app builder accomplish this?
User Interface Data Management
Cloud Kicks (CK) is finding sales reps are inconsistent in data entry when deals are won. CK requires that custom shoes are shipped within two weeks after the close date. A custom field called Scheduled Ship Date on the opportunity records the ship date.

How should the app builder ensure this field is properly filled out before setting the opportunity to closed won?
Data Modeling and Management Business Logic and Process Automation
What would the proper field type be to allow users to enter multiple paragraphs? (Choose two.)
User Interface Data Management
Universal Containers are doing a deep analysis on their monthly sales data, and would like the sales revenue split as products sold per country.

What would be the ideal report to address this need?
Data Management Analytics
Universal Containers has deployed custom tabs to Production via change sets, without including the profile settings.

What statement is true about the visibility of custom tabs in Enterprise Edition?
User Interface Security
A Manager at Universal Containers has requested that a custom text field be converted to a picklist in order to promote better data hygiene.

Which two actions should be considered before changing the field type? (Choose two.)
User Interface Data Management
What happens when you convert a picklist to a multi-select picklist? (Choose two.)
Data Modeling and Management Data Management
Which of the following is not a valid return type of a custom formula?
Business Logic and Process Automation Data Management